Wherever Needed Team Volunteer- Compassion Tigard - Spring 2017

Team Description: This team is for those who are undecided in the area where they would want to minister and flexible and willing to assist wherever needed. We will work with you to find a team which best meets your skills and abilities

Please write down your team leaders information to contact them if the need arises:

    Leader Name: Ally Kinnaman (Herr)
    Leader Phone: 5037805007
    Leader Email: akinnaman@ttsd.k12.or.us

Note regarding email addresses: We communicate information to volunteers via email. If you do not have an email address, leave the email field blank.

If your family only has one email address, please use the email for one of your registrations and leave the other email address field blank. In the registrations where the email is kept blank, please add the family email address into the comments area.

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Please choose NA if you have a shirt.